In 2020 School of Socio-Political Education held 11 online lectures


In October 2020, a new educational project was launched in Ukraine – the School of Socio-Political Education. This is a joint project of Foundation for Democracy Assistance and Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine.

Project goal:

  • Cherish the leaders of the new generation of Ukraine
  • Educate responsible citizenship
  • Educate patriotism
  • Encourage civic and political activism
  • Fight populism, oligarchy, and corruption in Ukrainian society.

The project started at the end of 2020 and took place as a pilot. The organizers acquainted the audience with about 300 people from all over the country and the diaspora on the basic political ideologies – conservatism, liberalism and social democracy.

In 2020, 11 online lectures were held, which were attended by 191 participants from all over Ukraine. Of which 46 received certificates of completion of the course.

One of the tasks of the project is to create Ukrainian-language educational video content, and in this direction 59 videos were posted on the YouTube channel of the project.

Interviews with prominent representatives of conservative, liberal and social democratic ideology were conducted:

  • Serhiy Kvit, Professor, Former Minister of Education and Rector of NAUKMA,
  • Yevhen Zolotariov, political expert, civic activist, former leader of PORA Party,
  • Bohdan Ferens, scientist and public activist.

In 2021-22, the project will expand quantitatively and geographically. We want to attract up to a thousand participants, especially:

  • veterans, volunteers as future leaders of the country
  • Internally displaced persons, hardening their loyalty to the country and the feeling of a united family
  • Residents of frontline zones, in order to strengthen Ukrainian thought on the brink of war
  • Young people from villages and small towns of Ukraine, overcoming the gap between the center and the periphery
  • Representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora, bringing them closer to the country.

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