Foundation for Assistance of Democratic Initiatives continue a series of seminars of “School of Civic Activity” in Chernihiv


From 18 to 20 of October the seminar “Reforms and Democratic Change for Ukraine” was held in the city of Chernihiv, organized by FADI with support of European Christian Political Movement and Foundation for International Christian Democratic Development. This was the third part of series of seminars in “School of Public Activity”, previously held in Kyiv from 21 to 23 of June and from 29 to 31 of August 2019 in Zatoka.

In seminar participated more than 30 participants from different organizations and regions of Ukraine.

Trainings and lections were made by:

• Yuri Goncharenko, Deputy President of FADI;

• Anna Masna, Ukrainian Student Association, International Secretary;

• Vladyslav Vasyl, media-expert, co-founder of the National-conservative movement of Ukraine;

• Yuriy Mindyuk, President of the FADI.

The following topics were presented during the seminar:

• Reform of the justice system in Ukraine. What went wrong?

• Public activity in Ukraine. Problems and their solving.

• Media sphere in Ukraine. What needs to be changed?

• Public control of the state authorities.

• Eastern European reforms: lessons for Ukraine.

• Control for Ukrainian bureaucracy and fighting with corruptions.

• What stops reforms in Ukraine?

• Building of network of civic activities: projects.

After finishing of the seminar FADI organized a Jeff Fountain’s book presentation “Deeply Rooted” at the Cultural and Art Center “Intermezzo”.

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